Christopher Nolan you little genius shit - Inception / The Dark Knight

↳ “A lot of it is being done in commercials and music videos. I’ve never done them, but I think that those are forms in which cross-cutting and parallel action are absolutely standard and accepted as a mainstream language. Film-makers like myself enjoy the fruits of that experimentation and absorption by the mainstream. I think people’s capacity to absorb a fractured mise-en-scene is extraordinary now compared to forty years ago”
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AU inception : Inception exists only in Arthur’s mind

“None of this happened darling.It was only a dream”

before the worst: the hogwarts founders
henry cavill as godric gryffindor, katie mcgrath as rowena ravenclaw,
   billie piper as helga hufflepuff, and jonathan rhys-meyers as salazar slytherin.


“Rose is actually happy in the parallel universe with her half-human Doctor.” - Russell T. Davies
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Inception AU - suggested by anonymous.

growing old together: in which something goes terribly wrong during the process and Arthur and Eames end up stuck in Limbo together - and together they built a life.

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AU - The Party Don’t Start ‘Till I Walk In

└ Loki’s definition of a party is a little different than everyone else’s.

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And it’s over,
And I’m going under,
But i’m not giving up!
I’m just giving in.


Inception AU: Pick your own backstory!



Inception AU: Eames and Arthur were together back before they were introduced to dreamshare. Eames used to have nightmares; Arthur made them better. Now that they’ve broken up, Eames’ nightmares have come back. But it might be kind of worth it, because now Arthur is talking to him again. Words by the darling fadedhues.

I’d love to see this

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